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Join Youth Laboratories at Supercharged 2018 as they discuss 'How pc is your AI? Why brand owners should be concerned about bias'

Youth Laboratories is a computer vision and artificial intelligence company developing algorithms for accurate recognition of different skin conditions, aging and diseases biomarkers. In 2018 we plan to finalize our SaaS platform that will allow our clients integrate our services for multiple tasks like tracking effects of their products. 

What inspired you to create the first ever beauty competition judged by AI? Where you surprised with the results?

We wanted to make the unbiased beauty competition where people of all ages/gender and races would be able to participate. On the other hand, we investigated whether people are interested in being evaluated by AI. 

 It was a surprise and I should say a pleasant one to see that men are also interested in being evaluated by algorithms to the same extent that women did - more than half of the entries came from males. On the other hand, there were many entires from people senior than 50 years. It revels that beauty competition is now not a phenomenon considered to be suitable for young people only. It might be the effect of the healthy human longevity extension.  

What’s the biggest threat marketers should be aware of when they implement AI powered marketing strategies?

I think they should be aware to make it seamlessly, because people want their life to be facilitated rather than feel that they are being tracked. The other thing is to come up with smart suggestions, because no one would be interested of being advised something they have heard many times before even if this is AI-powered advise. 

 What’s the biggest opportunity? 

The biggest opportunities, in my opinion, is to really make it personalised and have a chance to oversee the demands of customers and potential customers even before they know about it. AI helps uncover new features, very predictive, and this way the input to the quality of constructed systems would be much higher. 

 What’s the best new piece of tech you have seen but can’t afford to buy?

NVIDIA DGX station, it’s just amazing. 

Which sci-fi film do you most want to become reality and why?

I think the idea of Altered carbon (Netflix series) seems very promising - having a chance to live longer in young healthy body and have your whole consciousness is great. Emerging technologies can make our lives easier and more productive, humanity can free time for much more creative processes. It may bring us to the new level of existence. 

Describe in three words your session at Supercharged!

 Sensitive, tough, thrilling