Ksenia Khalina, the Head of Global Heineken® Trade Marketing at Global Commerce, is travelling from Amsterdam to London for Supercharged. We caught up with Ksenia ahead of her session in May:

Describe your team’s focus this year in 50 words:

Creating and delivering disruptive, immersive omni-channel shopper engagement solutions & assets – be they brand or sponsorship related - at all touch points of the consumer journey driving brand penetration, revenue and sustainable growth.

Expanding and trailblazing in new shopper route - Ecommerce. Developing activation guidelines for the Heineken Brand and Trade Marketing community worldwide.

What is the biggest opportunity new technology is offering to marketing and customer engagement strategies?

New technology enables us to create a direct immersion and communication model with shoppers and consumers allowing to communicate with them on a personal level

What has your biggest learning been whilst working across different regions where brand perception may vary?

One size indeed does not fit all, and approaches need to be tailored – but always built on the same brand foundation.

What’s the best new piece of tech you have seen but can’t afford to buy?

A personal robot-assistant.

Which sci-fi film do you most want to become reality and why?

I think "The Martian" is one of the best space sci-fi movie of our time. It would be great if at the end we could go to Mars and other planets too…

Describe in three words your session at Supercharged!

Focused, Informative, Thought-provoking…