Danske Bank’s, Bjørn Büchmann-Slorup, Head of Customer Relations based in Norway, is travelling to London for Supercharged. We caught up with him ahead of the event:

Describe your role at Danske Bank and your team’s focus for 2018 in 50 words

We are essentially applying data and advanced analytics in a commercial context. The team is responsible for the entire portfolio of customers, and thus need to strike the right balance within relevant proactive 1:1 marketing and reaching our financial targets.

How have the financial services adapted to new tech in recent years? What’s the biggest swift you have noticed within Danske Bank?

The biggest change (besides the use of new buzzwords) is the willingness to apply different technologies in a commercial setting, as opposed to ‘only’ in development units, and alongside that an acknowledgement that we need to partner up with other players in order to have the right time to market.

What would your advice be to SMEs in terms of how they could be using new tech to grow their business?

That is exactly what I will be talking about at Supercharged. Stay true to you core business, remember your customers, and be brutally honest about what is required in order to execute on these new ways of working related to these new technologies.

What’s the AI ‘Cinderella’ story you have had enough of?

There is quite a few! So all the ones, where people have not tried to actually change the customer experience.

What’s the best new piece of tech you have seen but can’t afford to buy?

N/A (I am commercial founded, so I am agnostic when it comes to tools)

Which sci-fi film do you most want to become reality and why?

Star wars!! That would a quantum leap forwar.

Describe in three words your session at Supercharged! 

Demystifying Big Data.