Why attend Supercharged 2018?

Improve your efficiency: Find out how AI can help you to become more productive by actively assisting with strategic and day to day decision making

Get closer to your customers: Explore how AI can help you generate more engaging content, provide better targeting and audience segmentation and augment personalised communications with your customers

Stay ahead of the competition and future-proof your business: Early adoption of AI-powered marketing will be a competitive differentiator as half of consumers want brands to use AI (Source)

Benchmark against other brands: Hear cutting edge case studies from brands who are already seeing the results of AI-powered marketing

Try out the tech: This is a highly interactive event with live demos and audience participation, giving you a chance to see AI at work and truly get to grips with how it can be applied in your business

  • Find out what marketing powered by AI looks like
  • Better understand the potential of AI and what technologies are actually deployable
  • Listen to realistic views about where AI and machine learning can take your marketing strategies and Customer experience and drive results
  • Chance to play with the tech
  • Leave inspired