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Announcing Marketing Tonic

Marketing Week's first Chatham House Rules
roundtable event for senior brand-side marketers

3 June 2015 | Emirates Stadium | London

An exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, Marketing Tonic helps senior brand-side marketers (both B2B and B2C) speak with peers from different industries, benchmark their efforts and discuss the latest challenges with suppliers, technologies and techniques. It's an invaluable opportunity to take time out and come back to the office full of ideas.

It's also a quick way to find out about the latest best practice and what's worked for others and what's hasn't.

Marketing Tonic is a 'hands on' event where you have a say in the conversation... the more you engage, the more you learn. It's Chatham House Rules so what's said at Marketing Tonic, stays at Marketing Tonic.

Choose your topics

Pick three relevant topics from over 15 subjects covering a variety of different marketing areas. Topics include:

  • Enhancing Customer Experience 
  • Mobile & Location-Based Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Defining the Role of the Agency
  • Data Storytelling
  • Campaign Management & Channel Integration
  • The Changing Role of Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics
See the full list of topics

Roundtable Format

The topic-focused roundtable format allows you to discuss a number of subjects that are most relevant to you and to find out from your peers how they are addressing the challenges and opportunities you you are also facing. These typically include questions around best practice, measurement, ROI, resourcing, supplier selection, recruitment, business processes, budgeting, trends etc.

See the programme

I loved the roundtable sessions, found it really valuable and also thought the venue was spot on so many thanks!” Head of Marketing, Thomson Reuters on sister event Digital Cream

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