Data Storytelling Conference & Awards 10/09/2015 | The Marriott, Grosvenor Square

10 SEPT 2015


Turning numbers into narratives



Marketing used to be dominated by talk of ‘big data’ and how it was set to tear the marketing rulebook apart. It was considered a silver bullet for brands to build uber-efficient campaigns.

Fast-forward to 2015 and data is no longer an abstract theory with potential opportunities. It is central to both marketing and business success.

Whether it’s through personalising the customer experience or boosting consumer engagement, brands are using data daily to bring their stories to life…

The inaugural Data Storytelling Conference & Awards were held on Thursday 10 September. Congratulations to all the award winners! Read five key takeaways from the conference here, and click here to view the full list of award winners.

View pictures from the Awards ceremony, meet the judges, and more on Marketing Week's Book of the Night.


Data Storytelling Conference

Join Marketing Week to gain invaluable insight from the UK’s biggest brands as they share how they have used data to win in their market, and why it underpins their strategy.

This CPD accredited conference for brand-side marketers will showcase winners from the 2014 Data Strategy Awards as well as reveal what it takes to be a finalist in 2015.

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Data Storytelling Awards

Marketing Week has refocused its annual celebration of data by re-branding the Data Strategy Awards as the Data Storytelling Awards.

The Awards are not just about pie charts, filters and formulas; they are about rewarding projects that have successfully merged the science of data and the art of storytelling to drive engagement and results.

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“The Data Storytelling Conference & Awards is all about hearing from brands and celebrating how they are using data daily to bring their stories to life."
Russell Parsons, editor Marketing Week

This is a CPD accredited event
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